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July 1st, 2022

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The Odds Brothers Podcast | Episode 3

Money Line Mark and Point Spread Shane discuss strategies using the point spread in games to your advantage. They recap their $5 parlays and best bets of the previous week and get you caught up on the latest promotions. New episodes every Friday! available on your favorite podcast platforms!

Podcast Transcript

Hey everybody, welcome to The Odds Brothers Podcast. We're coming to you from the Betly Sportsbook inside the new Southland Casino and Hotel. You can follow The Odds Brothers Podcast on Apple Podcast and Spotify. And a couple more coming soon. From what we're hearing. Yeah, yeah, that's great. Today's show, presented like always by Betly online sportsbook download the Betly Arkansas sports book app today from Southland.betly.com Or from the Apple App Store. Welcome. Episode Three. Here with Point Spread Shane, that would be me going across the table as always the Money Line Mark, how you doing? Doing great. Doing fantastic. You're doing fantastic. Fantastic. Couldn't tell by how you did last week and your bets. But we'll get to that. So we talked about the Betly sports app as we do every week, we're going to give you our latest promotions. Mark, what can we show the folks today for either sign up or if you're on there? What's our latest promos? Okay, so for our latest promos, we have the $250 risk free bet must be you must make a minimum of a $10 bet. And the odds must be minus 250 or greater. If you meet all the minimum requirements, you will win one unlocked free bet equal to the amount of your first wager up to 250. Of course that has to be a loser. Not a winner, not a winner. That's right. It's risk free. If you do lose, you get some money. That's right now that comes back in the form of free bet. free bet. That's right. Yep. That's a free bet. And it's only for first time betters. Don't miss out on that opportunity. It's free. Anytime you can get free money. It's good thing. Dig it. Yes. Dig it up. Now, where can you get the app? Well, I heard it's at Southland.betly.com The you're right there. Now when you do click that. Don't be shocked or surprised to think it's malware. When you do go that route to get it for your Android device. It's going to talk about something that related it's an untrusted source or something along that line, right? That's right. Don't fret, as long as you go to that specific web address, it's gonna get on your phone fine. virus free, you're good to go. The app stores the App Store. So those with Apple phones and those Appleites, they know that whole process. That's right. But like we said last week, there are a couple of different versions that are state specific. So make sure you get the Arkansas version of the app, whatever. If you go to the Apple store. That's right. Yeah. If you're in Arkansas, get the Arkansas. Yes, we're in West Virginia, get the West Virginia one. Right. And I would say in West Virginia, you could go ahead and talk to our good friend Pedro, there you go. Pedro is sportsbook manager there had been there for a couple of years anyway. And we just got word that he's he's going to be moving on going back to his home state. So we just wanted to give a shout out to Pedro is great, right Pedro to go through the growing pains of sports book as it launched in West Virginia and in Arkansas here locally, so we appreciate it at all the advice and the stories of I guess what worked and didn't work which helped shape what we did down here from time to time. salutely Absolutely. So he's in it from the ground level up there in West Virginia. Yes. Do not be a stranger Pedro will. I'm sure we'll try to get you on the average Joe's portion of our show. When we do the picks for football season, which is not that far away, believe it or not. Can't wait. All right, well, good luck, Pedro on whatever comes up next. And once again, we'll be talking to you soon I'm sure. All right next portion of our show as we do every week. We're going to talk about some sweet treats and some bad beats Sweet Treats being somebody cashed in on a nice nice winner. Yeah, and bad beats was Oh, you were so close to winning. Usually one selection by the slimmest of margins didn't come through and shattered a potentially big payout right well you're right about that. So this week's Sweet Treats is kind of interesting because you don't see this parlay coming across the lot at least not as a winning parlay. Right so show us what are tell us what our sweet treat for this week. Yes show you here's all the money they want to see it. Oh, it's great. Now it's swimming it Yes. So we had a bettor not here locally, but a bettor bet $500 on a on a three team parlay. To win titles, so all three had to win titles. parlay was for the Rams. way they won the Super Bowl. He won Super Bowl, Golden State Warriors. They won the NBA championship they did and the avalanche which just recently won the Stanley Cup and they won $500 a bet for those three. All right, well. Swimmer knee deep, knee deep in the cash. So more than 10 grand Oh yeah. Oh you're not even close. Not even close now within here you're still in the freezer for playing Hot Cold game you're freezing 40,000 Yeah, you're still cold I'm still cold you're still cold 100,000 You're getting warmer. Oh my goodness Wow How much did a $500 3 team have that pay? $269,000 No way way Guess what? That didn't come through very well it didn't well all right. Well that wasn't wanting to do that it was they showed you the money. Yeah, they show that guy the money. No doubt about that. To 200 and some $269,000 crazy. Maybe we can do it show him the money. That was a tax ticket. I'm sure it was I'm not sure what state it was in but I'm sure it was. Well that's an incredible pick. That is three team parlay. I mean, I'm sure there are folks that bet that Yeah, but how many are come out winners like that. First of all, I knew you could bet like futures on who would win a specific championship. Yeah, I really didn't realize that you could bet in a parlay like multiple Sports Champions together. Yeah. didn't either. I mean, you're talking to span of, I don't know. I don't know when that bet was made if it was made toward the end of the seasons, because those three sports in general all end about the same time other than the Rams so I would imagine they would at least have had to done it. Minimum January, probably. Yeah. And put those things together. Well, that's a good hit. That's a good hit. All right on the bad sad on the bad beat. Now this is something a little bit I picked this little bad beat thing here just for you. Point Spread Shane, oh boy. Oh, yeah. Let's see. Now this was local here at the retail side here at Southland had a guest bet $25 on the three team parlay. He had the Yankees money line at minus 300. So obviously that's a favorite, favorite. And the Astros money line that minus 135 favorite favorite. And then he had the Nationals money lineup at minus 145. So he picked three favorites for $25 $25 3 Team barley, all favorites. The Nationals played the pirates. The pirates decided they'd snap their five game losing streak that game. Yeah, after I've tried to pick them and then try to pick against them. It just goes to show even if they're all favorites. You still may not win so just because you're picking all favorites. What was the score? Do you got that one? The pirates in it was it like a one run game? Me? No, no, it wasn't a one. Oh, they gotta gotta gotta smoke wagon did home. Yeah. Probably got was a home if they were favored. Yes. Yeah. So that's crazy. Just I know how much you love the pirates when you go picking these games. So I found that little golden nugget. I'm like, Oh, we got to talk about that. When we get to our $5 parlay the week I did finally just avoid them at all costs. No pirates action for me coming up on the $5 parlay. Nice. Yeah. All right. That was the only bad beat that was only bad here this week. Anyway, that's the only bad beat a lot of the a lot of the losing tickets were not even close. So team parlays and winning one to 10. Not even close. So they might have been betting our stuff. Yeah. They were probably listening at least my picks. Yeah. All right now time in the show for be a sports wise guy what we do every week, because we pick a segment, educational segment, if you will, regarding sports betting in general, whether it's a terminology or some strategies on how to place wagers on sports, stuff like that. We had kind of the odds the very first show when we went into the money line and what that meant, on our very last show. This week, as we hinted at, we're going to talk about the point spread, which is another way to bet individual games, or matches or whatever you have. So discuss a little bit on just the point spread in general. And what that means when you see that number, let's say in this instance, since we're talking about baseball, let's say today, you got the Cubs and the Boston Red Sox. And let's say it's minus one and a half. Yep. So what has to happen? What's that actually mean? For those that aren't familiar with point spreads? Well, let's say I'm sure the minus one and a half. Well, I'm not sure but I'm assuming that one minus one and a half is for the Cardinals. Arming yet. Yeah. What do you say? Balls, cubs? Okay, cubs vs Boston. Okay. Yeah, so for the Red Sox. That would mean that they're the favorite in the game. Before the game even starts. They're already losing minus one and a half to zero. They have to win by more than one and a half points. All right. So in baseball, basically two basically two Yep. Even though some folks think you can score a half a point in baseball, you can't. No matter of fact, you don't get no points for stealing. I do not believe there's a half a point in any market. That not baseball, non baseball, no football, not basketball, not tennis. Not soccer. No Not hockey. Not ping pong. What about rugby? Not even rugby. Oh, there's no half a point goal that I'm aware of. Of course, I don't watch hours and hours of rugby. So might want to check that, but I feel pretty good tennis. No, no, no tennis. No. But now on the flip side, if you're a plus one and a half, if you're the cubbies, yeah, you get that extra one and a half at the beginning. So the cubs can do anything at that point from win outright, right? Yeah. Or they at least have to stay within two runs. No one run one. That's right. Yes. case, one, run two runs and make them a loser. So if Boston won 7-6 You're good. Yeah. If the Cubs win 10 to nothing. You're good. That's right. And it doesn't doesn't affect your odds. If the Cubs even with the point spread blow somebody out? It doesn't change. You're right. That's right. No. And, you know, the half points are put there to make sure there's a defined winner. So there's not going to be a tie. Because you can't score that half a point. That's right. So that's a good segue into strategically, how do you work the point spreads into your favor? If you're betting those? Well, I like I, you know, I like the point spreads when the money lines are, the odds aren't in my favor, or at least I don't like the looks of them. I'll go point spread. And I'm looking at that underdog because sometimes those runs can get well, especially in baseball right now. You can get a two and a half run? I don't know, you know, unless they want and that's what the Yankees playing the pirates. You know, I don't think that's gonna happen. Otherwise, I'm gonna take that and usually when that's a plus or minus two, if it's a plus two and a half, your odds are going to be pretty good in your favor for the for the gambler. Yes. So from my end, and I think I mentioned this on a previous podcast. If I'm getting points, if I'm taking the underdog, for lack of better words, so they're getting points. Yep. I love the half a point because it gives me a little extra wiggle room. Yes. If I liked the favorite giving points that they call it the hook. Sometimes that half a point is the hock. Thats right's and sometimes you can buy those two, if you know what you're doing. Yeah. So let's see odd scores or the app or the tills? Yeah, so let's talk about that. After this, kind of, I guess, segue into it. So last year, about 25% of the NFL games, all ended within a field goal of each other. So quarter of all games were field goal or less was the final score difference. And the NFL games, a lot of times the point spreads will range anywhere from one to if you get seven and a half, eight, nine. It's a little rare. And if you get double digit points spreads like we had a couple of times last year when Tampa Bay was playing the junk of the junk, I guess. I seen point spread sometimes, Dallas? well no usually not, my bad, because there's enough money that usually gets spent on a data set of faith, some of that stuff, but you get 10 14 16 17 points in an NFL game. It's very rare. Yeah. And a lot of those times I seen people taking the points because Heck, even at the end, you get a Garbage Time touchdown, they were down 21. Now it's 14 and you cover Yeah. Or if you laid the points and you can't believe that they just let somebody go down in 30 seconds and score a meaningless touchdown. Those things can happen to you. I can't wait. We need to start a little ticker for football. How many days till football? Yes, even preseason? I don't care. Just give me some. Yeah, so we'll talk a lot more obviously, when football comes in on how I because obviously I'm Point Spread Shane. So I'll be doing a lot of the point spread stuff. Oh, of course, of course. That I do, like getting points that half thrown in and if I'm given my hate it, I try to look for something not half now. Since you teased it another way you can do point spreads is to what they call tease it ha see tease, tease, tease, tease the tease. Whoa. So within individual games, like let's just stick with football. So, you know, since we've been using that analogy, okay. What can how how many points can you alter that actual line with like, I can't just sit there and go hey, I wanna I wanna 20 20 points on this. You go six, six and a half seven. So you can just do like at three? No. All right, so what happens let's say the line is four lines forward and you and I want to add six you want to add something is going to drop your odds. What? Yeah, because you're manipulating the line. Well, kinda - stuff is that you're moving. You're moving with the oddsmakers said at so they're gonna drop it's not gonna drop at a time but it is going to drop it. Can you go the other way? Can you swing? Well, I don't know. Let's say when you say the odds drop. So let's say I was getting four now I'm getting 10. But if I'm on the other side, and I'm giving four and I say I think this game's gonna be blow out. I want to give 10 Yes, it'll change the odds to super your fate. I mean, not in your favor, but advantageous for you. Right? Absolutely. So if it was minus 110, and you were giving four and then he decided to give 10 points because you felt that confident you could get what like, plus 2 280 300 Maybe? Yeah, maybe it's anybody playing Dallas. Yeah. So yeah, say that again. You did. Oh, my bad. I can't figure it out. We're kind of like the beat in Dallas fans just expect the roof to cave in every year when things get good if they ever do but. So you can you can actually manipulate your odds one way or the other by teasing it a certain amount of points. That's right. Now what sports can you do that to? Well, right now, you can do it on football right now today. On a USFL the championship game is Sunday on Fox. Oh, I did not realize that you did. USFL game is Hoover. Susan. She got it up. It's a Birmingham stallions who won't who went nine and one during the regular season. Okay. And the Philadelphia stars who went like six and four. Okay. So what's the line currently? Did you see it? I did. But we'll talk about that later. Oh, it might be part of your deal. That's right. So we will talk about All right. So that's how you structure that stuff, then? Yeah, it's a you know, a lot of people play it. You know, and if you don't understand it, my best advice, you know, come in. If you want to talk to a person, here at Southland go up to one of the agents at the retail side. But try to do it on a non Sunday. Or at least a non Sunday at from 10am to noon. Yep. And again, from 2:30 to 3, they'd be more than happy to sit down and help you with it or do some research online and try to figure it out that way. Okay, now what's so you can do it on football? Can you do it on basketball? You can buy points on any sport, on any sport, baseball, soccer, hockey points vary on what you can buy. Okay, that's how much you can do. Yeah. All right. So if you want more points, it's going to cost you in the terms of poor odds. Yes. And if you're giving points and are willing to give more, it'll actually boost your odds, that's right, all right. Well, that makes a lot of sense really good like point spreads you go. And that is the how to be a wise guy when it comes to sports betting for this week. I'm looking at what's next. Yeah, that's right. I guess we better get this out of the way. Yeah, well, you know, $5 parlay of the week. Yeah, well, fire. We haven't won yet. But we did improve. Well, you did? I didn't I didn't prove Yeah, yeah, you went three and five. So the object on this is to give all the listeners, five team parlay that you only have to spend $5 on yes, that will have a possibility to win you at least a minimum of $200 200 or more. So 40 to one odds on your five. That's right. How did we do last week? Well, let me just say this I picked Rory McIlroy to win and I think after he heard our podcast, he just started shanking the ball left right in the fairway. It was all over the place put the money like Mark he'd be the GB I did. I did. So I think Happy Gilmore was out there saying something to him. Ya hit anything I had two of five yet you got two I got two of five you get three of five. All right, so I get a moral victory or a participation trophy against you anyway, but five gets you extra the what? Nothing? No, I wouldn't be it. Wouldn't you got your risk free bet back would it know? Nothing? Because you didn't bet the $10 or Yeah, that's right. You get nothing. Good catch. I was I had that loaded up for next week, too. I actually well, I can't I don't want to say that last week. I kind of stretched for the fifth. I only got three back. So obviously one of the ones that felt good about didn't come through but this week looking through the Major League Baseball action. I actually felt good about this five. Oh, the best I felt in three weeks on your hands. So it might go over five. I hope so. I got some catching up to do. Yeah, he got one game on me. So with that being said, you want me to give my $5 parlay first sure you want well you control it's kind of like you know Oh, you want to say who gets the most every week's gonna get picked to go first or second? You got it? Yeah, let's do that. Alright, I'll go first. Yeah, since I feel good about it. All right. Well, my $5 five team parlay this week all play Friday. So it's the day we recorded this podcast. Hopefully you get it in time. I took a mix this time I took a couple over unders I took a money line. I took a couple of run lines. First up the Seattle Mariners there at home against the Oakland Athletics, giving one and a half runs odds at plus 115 I like Seattle at home laying that one and a half so I took them moneyline on the Baltimore or Baltimore Orioles. They're taking on a Minnesota Twins though they are playing on the road but I'm getting plus 190 to just flat out win the game. I like almost two to one odds on that. So give me the Orioles. Their next one is the total runs between the Arizona Diamondbacks and the Colorado Rockies. Now it's 11 and a half Now I will tell you this is 11 and a half out in Colorado, thin air, it seems to be a lot of run scored, but I think if the runs get scored, it will be by the Colorado Rockies not necessarily the diamond back. So I went under 11 and a half for the total runs in that game that's at minus 105 owe me and on the opposite side, I took the over eight and a half on the Red Sox at the Cubs that's minus 105 as well. But if you ever look, the Cubs seem to go ahead and let just about anybody score at least five to six runs on their own. So all I need is two or three runs either by the Cubs or let go ahead and let the Red Sox whip you tend to one Yeah, and I'm still there. And the last one, Washington Nationals minus one and a half on the Run line. They host the Miami Marlins who last time I checked, not that good. And if I give that one and a half up, I get plus 150. So those five teams see out Seattle Mariners minus one and a half the money line on the Orioles. The under 11 and a half on the game between the Diamondbacks and Rockies, over eight and a half between the Red Sox and cubs and the Washington Nationals money run line rather which is minus one and a half. Those are at odds of plus 5830 Which $5 would turn into $296 and some change. Wow. Little Flippity dippity your odds are higher than mine. Yeah, for a change almost 300 smackers for a five spot. What do you got? Wow. All right. Well, you're not gonna like to none of these picks. Yeah, none of them. Alright, I'm gonna start right off and just get to you. I took the Miami Marlins money line, because I think they're gonna bet Washington straight up. At plus 115. Only one of us will be right. Well, maybe you took me on the line. Oh, yeah. Well, I'm given a run and a half. Yeah. Now I do either win, or they have to. They can find that sweet spot. Yeah, that would be the ultimate narrow, sweet spot. We'll keep an eye on that for next week and let everybody know how we did. The next game. I got the Arizona Diamondbacks at Colorado Rockies. I did agree with you on the under 11 and a half is what I took for total runs. However, I think you must know somebody at Betly because I only got odds at minus 110. Not 105. But I just locked them in baby. Man. You got that early wager. And on me, I guess. Then I went to the Yankees and cardinals guardians game, and I ended up picking the under total runs. I just don't think they're under eight. I don't that's a lot of runs. I don't think that's going to happen. I only got that up plus 100, though. So basically even money. It doesn't show even money on the app. So I said plus 100 in case folks get confused. Then we go down to the Chicago White Sox and San Francisco Giants. I took the Run line at minus one and a half on the Giants at plus 145. That is a long shot. I know. But I needed that to get to my odds. Exactly. And then the final game, Texas Rangers at the New York Mets and I took the under eight and a half. I don't think they're going to score that many points. Either met scored zero points, I think yesterday. And I think the Rangers only scored three. So eight and a half is quite a stretch, I think. So that's why I took the under now. Total odds 4030 on a $5 bet will pay $206.25 So you did get me there for the first time. Maybe that's a turnaround. You just got to ride over that Mendoza line? I did. Right? It might do a little Flippity dippity I might turn out the one extra game on and tie it back up. Well, it does qualify we just said 200 or more 200 or more that squeezed on by well that's what I'm saying. All right. Well, last week we also gave the best bet of the week. Best bet of the week. So how did we do there actually? Yeah, yeah, I know you've been waiting for this. I've been waiting ya know you've been all week long. I've been hearing nothing but all about this pick. You won your bet. Well, I lost my bet. Now let me I'm having audio difficulties. Could you say that again? Yeah, let's go into your bed a little bit more though. You picked a Tampa Bay raised win? Yep. And they won in extra innings? Well, Ricky Bobby, no and I took the Cardinals and of course you know Cardinals lost that's why didn't even touch them this week I didn't touch em on anything. Me. You. Well, I'm gonna turn things around this week. Yeah, your only one behinds plenty of time to catch up plenty of time speaking of which, since we did that. See one you didn't. Alright, so I'm gonna have you go first on what your best bet of the week is. All right, well, should be no surprise that we touch a little bit about it earlier about the USFL championship game that's this Sunday on Fox. And I'm picking that game. I don't care what you pick. You can pick point spread. You can pick money line. Well, I do care. I do care if you pick under, under or over but To I did pick the Birmingham Stallions and went way out on a limb there. They're nine and one in the regular season, they'll have no problem beating Philadelphia Stars point spread? They don't matter. They're same mods. What? Yeah. What's the actual line? I'm just curious minus 115 on both? No, I meant, what's the How much are they favored by? I'm imagining the Stallions have to be favored. Stallions are favored. Yeah, it's minus their favorite by four and a half points. All right. So can you actually tease that line? Just to give an idea for folks since we talked about how much an additional six points would have dropped your odds? Or anything or whatever you want to call? It can't seem to figure it out on the app. Paul? All right. Well, that is your cleanup for next week. Yeah, may not be able to do it on just this particular game. Okay. Because of the market. You can on NFL, but it doesn't look like I can't for the USFL. But, so you got the Birmingham Stallions Sunday on Fox, it's football. It's better than Nothing. It gets you a little appetizer. It's like those pizza rolls all you're ready for some football? Yeah, I am. Six weeks before we get some preseason, something like that to get a ticker going. So everybody can see it. We'll have the countdown officially starting next week. Absolutely. Now, what do you pick? What are you going to be with this week? So this is a little different one. I in the overunder, I had this in my $5 parlays? Well, Boston and the Cubs over under plus eight and a half. I like the over Now I will say this. So I got a score nine runs between those two teams or more to hit that bet. By the time this podcast comes out. The game may have already started. It might get I can assure you that it has not started yet. While we're recording this you're right. So sorry. So if it hasn't, maybe I can edit it real quick and throw something else in? No, no, no. Yeah, yeah. So before we go, we got another Betly promotion, we need to talk about a brand new Bet and Get starting today through July 4. You can bet $76 on the Betly app, or more on a straight major, major league baseball game. And if you win or lose, you'll get a $50 and free bet. That's right. You bet $76 or more. And you can get a $50 free bet. No matter if you win or lose Independence Day. 1776 Take that 76 off someone's using some type of I don't know what you call. I don't know. Hidden message. Yeah, they did some extra time. They tried to make it all Fourth of July ish. Yeah. Pretty nice. It was a great. That's a great, great promotion. $76 or more. That's right, and you'll get 50 of it back in additional bets. That's right. Okay. We didn't try it. Maybe we'll try it next week. Yeah, we didn't. Oh, no, we can't try it. I'll do $76 On the Boston cubs plus eight and a half. Okay, Boston cubs, the Boston and cubs. Oh, Red Sox and cubs. Just in case. You got a new team going? Okay, well, I'll take the 76 on the Birmingham Stallions. Alright, let's see what we do. Okay. We spent we only lost 26 bucks, because we'll get 50 back. That's right. I like it. All right. All right. Is that all the promos? That's it for the promos this week. All right. Everybody would like thank you for listening to the odds brothers podcast presented by the Betly sports book. Place your bets here from inside the Southland casino or from anywhere in Arkansas. At Southland.betly.com You can follow the Odds Brothers Podcast on Apple podcast and Spotify and remember must be 21 or older and located in Arkansas to bet we urge you to please play responsibly for help quitting. You can dial 800 522 4700 For Money Line Mark. I'm a Point Spread Shane, hope you have a great Fourth of July holiday. Yes. We'll see you next week on Friday. I guess that would be the eighth. That's right. And hope everybody comes back with 10 fingers and 10 toes. Just bet with one hand. Yeah. either. Well, yeah, yeah. It's so easy you could do good. In theory, you can lose a couple of fingers but we do not want that to happen. All right. We'll see you next Friday, everybody.