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November 14th, 2022

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The Odds Brothers | Episode 32

Point Spread Shane goes solo in this episode and wonders where all the Cowboys fans have gone??  Did they desert him? 

He goes over the results of all the football action this last weekend and the very important results of the Pick 6 game as the Odd$ Brother$ streak continues!

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Shane 0:02

Well well well welcome to the Odds Brothers on a WTF Monday. I'm Point Spread Shane, and boy, I'd like to introduce my partner today. Partner in crime ever since we started this podcast back in July. Let's welcome moneyline Mark everybody

Shane 0:18

Yeah, chances are he's not going to a Nebraska game soon, huh? Yeah, he had his best week ever. And guess what? He's nowhere to have tickets around anywhere.

Shane 0:27

I guess we should get the show going. I'll take you all the way through boys and girls. Welcome to the odds brothers Podcast coming to you from the Betly the sports book inside the new Southland casino and hotel. Follow the Odds Brothers podcast on Apple, Spotify, Amazon, Google and YouTube. Today's show is presented by Betly online sportsbook download the Betly online state specific sportsbook app today from the Google Play or Apple App Store. Now here are the hosts of the show. Money line Mark (I'm not a smart man) and Point Spread Shane!

Shane 1:12

man that's funny, ain't it Mark?

Shane 1:16

because he's not here. First episode ever that he has not decided to do and actually he's doing a well deserved trip home back to the heartland somewhere once again. I'm not sure it's about buying Nebraska football tickets but anyway, we had a pros versus Joe's contest high risers jumped in this past Friday if you watch the show Mark almost got a perfect seven... points in that and he would have done that had it not been for the Cowboys choking a 14 point lead in Lambeau field that was the only one he was missing how the other guys do well not quite as good as him so although one Preston I gotta give it to you. You came off a close this close but you did not get it sir. No.

Shane 2:02

All right, well, we're waiting on that one. Let's go ahead and get you our Betly promotion remember $250 open an account if you open up a Betly mobile in Arkansas or Tennessee at this point. And we've told you many times if you live close enough to hop the river and set up an account in both states you can get $250 in risk free wages keep in mind there are some limitations that apply like you know the has got to be at least minus 250 or greater and all that good jazz but if you want to get all the details betly.com also through the social pages on Facebook as well. With all that being said how did we do on the college football and the Pro Football versions of last show on Friday? Well, we didn't do too bad here. Well, let's do that in a second here. See Mark usually does this stuff. I bet you we work now.

Shane 2:52

Here we go. Colorado USC. You can see both of our ugly mugs on the right side of that when USC ends up winning 55 to 17. So they ended covering that 34 and a half point spread. It went over the 65 and a half which I didn't think Colorado was going to participate much in but they did get those 17 points and that just put it over the edge really no surprises here other than the fact that it was a little close early on in the game than I thought I figured this would probably be a dump truck and right off the bat but I believe it was like a to nothing score early on if that tells you how exciting this ballgame was that was played on last Friday. Ohio State's well 40 and a half point favorites with Indiana at home. You do not see any ugly mugs on that one because we both thought Indiana might be able to hang in a little closer than 4814 and they almost did it if you added the 40 and a half and it was technically 54 and a half to 56. So Ohio State and then of course the over a 58 and a half was almost done by Ohio State. And by themselves actually Ohio State moves to 10 and zero setting up the big showdown with Michigan in a week or two.

Shane 4:00

Really Indiana just might as well pack it in not going bowling there that's their seventh loss so they are bowl ineligible. Congratulations to the Hoosiers.

Shane 4:07

Missouri well yeah, they got dumb truck by Tennessee, both ugly mugs on the Tennessee side we had that 20 and a half. We thought that was way light on the point score and it turned out you could have gave another 20 points on top of that you could have gave 40 and still covered in this game over under a 56 and a half of went way over by Tennessee itself. So that offense is still pretty potent unless they're facing the Georgia Bulldogs there.

Shane 4:32

One of the games that was kind of interesting 13 to 10 LSU ends up beating Arkansas. The interesting point about this one is I thought there would be more points scored in this contest but not going to do it. I guess not. I mean, it was pretty. It looked like a big 10 game to be honest with you. Arkansas ends up falling to five and five on the season still looking to get bowl eligable well, just a couple of games left to go in the season. LSU loses by that hook three and a half. So that's why you see no ugh we mugs there because we both thought LSU would win by at least seven to 10 points up and we'll pick sui LAN. Over Under of 61 and a half didn't have a prayer it went way under there.

Shane 5:10

Notre Dame. They went up the Navy. Yeah, this wasn't supposed to be anywhere close like it was I thought, three and seven though we took the 15 and a half, both ugly mugs on the side of Navy. They're 39 and a half it went over. Surprisingly, a lot of points scored by Navy in this contest. I don't think a lot of people would have expected that. I sure didn't. But LSU or LSU, Notre Dame ends up going to seven and three on the year. They'll boost their rankings just a little bit. Kind of the upset in the big 10 I guess you could call it as the Illinois fighting illini and I dropped it. I think their third straight game here, six and a half point favorites at home they lose outright to Purdue 31 and 24. So you can go ahead and check that six and a half by Illinois didn't matter a over 44 and a half for a big 10 game. There's actually quite a few points scored in here. 31 by Purdue against that Illinois defense was probably the most surprising of this game. Not that Purdue won but they were able to hang 31 On a good defense like Illinois seem to have for a while.

Shane 6:12

Vanderbilt Yeah, this is the WTF moment, a WTF moment of the entire weekend. Not only did they lose like 26 sec games in a row, so it's been three four years as they won one. But then they did it on Kentucky's home turf. Kentucky 17 and a half point favorites here the over under a 47 and a half went under 24 to 21. Vanderbilt wins Mark actually took the points don't let him tell you that he thought Vanderbilt was going to win. I'm sure that's what you're gonna say right Mark?

Shane 6:43

Yeah, yeah, probably not so much. All right. Moving on. Two 30 games. A one Nebraska loves them or Mark loves the most Nebraska Yeah, they drop another one. To Michigan Michigan covers at 30 and a half but barely by a half a point. Nebraska only able to produce a field goal in this game. The over under was 47 and a half so that did not materialize. Thanks Nebraska not participating. Michigan moves on to 10 and Oh, once again setting up that big boost coming up in a couple of weeks against Ohio State. I think that game is going to be in the horseshoe but I'm not 100% sure they're Alabama well. Here's some ugly mugs for you.

Shane 7:24

If it'll roll on there you go. Oh Miss we took the points here. Alabama on the road.

Shane 7:30

I don't know they their defense still has issues they did allow 24 points don't miss good thing for them. They scored 30 there so they did not cover this the under went sailing under really 64 and a half so they missed it by about 10 points here. Ole Miss suffers their second loss of the season. Alabama goes to eight in two and probably climbing a spot or two thanks to the Oregon loss which we'll discuss in just a minute. Louisville at number 10 Clemson both the ugly mugs are on that side as Clemson has a rebound game here. 31 to 16. They were favored by a touchdown plus that hook. It went under that 51 and a half. You notice we had a lot of unders in the college football world this past weekend at least in the top 25 action a lot more than you'd give credit for since a lot of it wasn't weather induced this time. Clemson goes a nine and one looks like a shoo in to get into at least the ACC championship game from here. We'll see how that works. Next week. Maryland at Penn State well Penn State keeps on dump trucking along. Not only did they cover that nine and a half by winning an amazing 30 to zero that That's right, Maryland. Not a single solitary point. I guess we asked Hey, Maryland, you want to score a point not to do it really not even if you go not to do it. Not a measly safety or anything not to do it. And they weren't. They got dumptruck 30 to zip I mean a cover but that also means that under one way under thanks to Maryland not participating this week. Boston College if there was one that was probably second and I would say close second to the Vanderbilt WTF. It was the Boston College WTF here as North Carolina State. Forget about covering the 19 and a half. You covered zilch zada, you got your butt beat flat out at home by Boston College. 21 to 20 is actually a pretty good game. If you're just watching it from the sideline. If you're betting it, maybe not so much. It didn't even get the over there. slighted under by a half a point as well. You figured that'd be enough point score to get over the 41 and a half and just missed it. You UCF I guess you're for real. You went to two lane the field good story, their home turf, they were favored by just a point and a half so they figured it was a toss up game but then 38-31 came out of it. So went over the 53 and a half. UCF moves to eight and two same retinues two lane here and they do have the tiebreaker obviously from the head to head matchup. We'll see. I don't know how the ACC does their little championship game. I don't know if there's divisions or they take the top two records in there. Have to look that up but hopefully

Shane 10:00

We'll be able to see this game once again somewhere along the line, Georgia. Well, there you go. You see Mark and I on the other side they covered at 16 and a half point spread here. Georgia is of 145 to 19. Mississippi State really got grinded out throughout the whole game 53 and a half it did go over that for you over players you over lovers, Georgia still tend to know looking like they'll sail into the SEC championship game and probably even if they lose that, the National College Football Playoff, Washington went to Oregon. Yeah, we thought Oregon at home might roll 12 and a half. Washington ended up not only covering that they ended up flat out winning the game 37-34 So it was a good contest their quarterback was out for again laden stepped back in and tried to do he man's effort there and came up a bit short now. We've talked about this over under I thought there'd be no way to come close to 73 and a half for a while. It did but it did go under. It ended up at 71 points. All right. I can't figure this one out Kansas State. I mean Mark did he went ahead and took them but they ended up just slapping the crap out of Baylor here 31 to three. I went under the 52 and a half Baylor was actually favored at home and did not show up for this ballgame at all Kansas State a Jekyll and Hyde team they either won't be or they get warped. Flip a coin and tune in to see how that's going to shake out on any given week. Because I have no clue anymore. best game of the day TCU at Texas at least from a covering standpoint because Texas had that seven and a half at home and TCU being undefeated. I think they took a little slight to that. And a beaten Texas in a surprisingly big defensive game here 17 To 10 way under the 64 and a half point line there for the over under Texas will now fall 6 and 5 And hopefully we will never see them ranked and another college football poll this year that should about do it. TCU now in great position to keep a stranglehold on this big 12 championship game and ultimately into the college football playoff if they can't figure out some way to shoo in shoehorn or backdoor Alabama they tend to do that every once in a while. North Carolina you went to Wake Forest and you won 36 to 34 Wake Forest was a four and a half point favorite as a home team there 76 and a half points though once again it came close to get the 70, one more touchdown would've did it but it fell on the underside there North Carolina moves to nine and one now and the kind of early darling in the ACC season Wake Forest now drops to six and four they probably will not see the rankings at all again this year either. The one that I didn't see coming Florida State at Syracuse I thought Syracuse still had some fight in them. I guess they are cooked done nada and not gonna be able to do it not gonna be able to pick them again the rest of the year because I have no idea what they got to play for at this point they got dumped truck 38 to 3. Florida State was actually a seven and a half point road favorite at Syracuse. But it didn't matter. They could have gave a lot more than that the over under a 51 and a half obviously went under thanks to Syracuse not participating in the let's try to score some points game. Stanford in Utah. This one was pretty easy. 23 and a half point favorite Utah no problem the dump truck. Stanford 42 to seven went under the 53 and a half. Stanford has trouble scoring anywhere. Utah now moves to eight and two probably always going to be on the outside looking in for the college football playoff in this case, but at least getting into the PAC 12 championship game how to do it and get a decent round New Year's Day bowl. Maybe we shall see. And then the final contest Arizona you see La Yep. I went ahead I thought that was a lot of points. I took Arizona I got rewarded. Why? Because Arizona just won the game outright. This was a weird embarrassing moment for UCLA. I thought they were a lot better than that. They lose by 634 to 28. It went way under that 77 and a half 26 and a half point favorites and you lose by six Yikes. So that was not a good move for UCLA. They now moved to eight in two on the year and

Shane 14:13

it's not looking good for them. They got the Battle of USC that's probably going to be their bigger bowl game even when they go to an actual bowl game here in about a month and a half. And that is your top 25 college football action. So now we will move on to the professional game here for the Seattle Seahawks. If you woke up way early in the morning, watch the game from Munich. Tampa Bay ended up winning this contest 21 to 16. Here Tampa Bay was a two and a half point favorite they cover you see both of our ugly mugs on that side. I just thought Tampa Bay had some momentum coming in after that come from behind victory the week before with the Rams had turned out to be the case. Seattle though interesting team like Geno Smith has actually turned the corner a little bit. I don't think he's ever going to be a elite quarterback by any standards but he can at least play the game enough to give your team a chance especially against the middle, middling and lower end of the NFL this year, Seahawks end up moving down to six and four but and their division has still a pretty good Stranglehold. Tampa Bay now gets to five and five which actually leads the NFC South

Unknown Speaker 15:18

really this week so thanks to Atlanta Cavin' Carolina stinks in New Orleans ended up losing his well. Best game on the card I think Minnesota at buffalo Mark took Minnesota not only did they cover or take that three and a half day flat out won the game moves in overtime 33 to 30. If you watched anything about this game, it was amazing from the goal line stand on fourth down. Then buffalo gets it fumbles and gives Minnesota a touchdown to lead and then buffalo comes down to tie it to go to overtime. And then they had a field goal on the bag and decided to throw an IMT in the endzone Josh Allen did not look all that great.

Shane 15:59

Some very costly turnovers at their worst time. And they dropped their second straight now. And that AFC East is looking a lot interesting with the Jets in Miami now Dayton breathing right down the back of the Buffalo Bills and the Minnesota Vikings now go to what seven and one eight and one they're eight and one now so are they legit? I'm not so sure they're they're good. They got a lot of great position players but I'm not buying into the Kirk a it wasn't a Kirk Cousins day. Let's put it that way. All you see is gold and whatever you you say up there up north routers go You still got Kirk Cousins and a primetime game. You do get the Cowboys zone your home crib and the Cowboys look wounded. We'll see what comes out of that better hope they don't start Cooper rush.

Shane 16:44

Alright Detroit Lions. Well, they went up and what did they do? They end up beating Justin fields in the bears. Just when the bears started feeling good about themselves. Lions knocked them back down to a bag. Chicago falls to three and seven Detroit now improves if you want to call it that to three and six. It went over that 47 and a half because neither have a defense Believe it or not. And if you don't keep watching these games, between those two and you'll see that they have zero defense. Denver Broncos, Tennessee Titans I liked this game a lot had to sweat it a little bit at the end. Ryan Tannehill comes back it wasn't that Derrick Henry had a huge day either. But Tennessee's defense plays lights out especially with a lot of like five people out on defense and they still win 17 to 10. So they cover the two and a half that goes under that 37 and a half.

Shane 17:33

Both of our ugly mugs got the Tennessee Titans on there and if you notice that trend, you'll see how my partner did so well.

Shane 17:41

Yeah, he's he's all ears on an airplane somewhere. I suppose. Denver just looks like a dumpster fire then going down to three and six. Jacksonville Jaguars. Wow, that onside kick to start the game and you recover it and you didn't get anything out of it and went downhill from there. Kansas City does backdoor cover this 27 to 17 was nine and a half on the spread the over under a 50 and a half went under in this case, I thought Jacksonville was going to score a little more than they did up an arrowhead. Not to be the Chiefs now at seven and to look to gain control of the AFC in general. The AFC West by a mile and probably looking real good to be your number one seed going into the play offs. Cleveland Browns at the Miami Dolphins dolphins keep rolling 39 to 17. Now I thought Cleveland was gonna shorten this game a lot more run the ball which they did to a certain extent but the dolphins just they couldn't be stopped on the ground or the air too. I had three touchdown passes again. The over under a 49 and a half when sailing over there in Miami easily covers this to move to seven and three on the year. The Buffalo game coming up shortly is going to be probably for all the marbles in the AFC East would be my guess. Houston Texans Yeah, they keep doing Houston, Texas and things one seven and one now they lose by eight to the New York Giants who are favored by four and a half here. Both of the mugs on that side of the picture means we hit that 140 and a half was the over under and it still went under by a half a point boy if you were going for the over on that which I probably would have in this case.

Shane 19:24

Not gonna be able to do it's all right next one on their New Orleans Saints in the Steelers the Steelers went out right? They didn't need no two and a half stinky points. Saints now fall to three and seven on the years.

Shane 19:37

The Saints doing the Steelers improved the three and six here and it went under the 40 and a half. Now the interesting thing on this one is that Pittsburgh really didn't look all that good either.

Shane 19:47

The Saints just I don't understand that they they seem to have enough talent on offense to put up some points. And on the defensive side. They're just they're not playing good football at all. They're not able to stop really anybody

Shane 20:00

already, including the Steelers are starting to rookie quarterback a rookie wide receiver and realistically no running game or offensive line.

Shane 20:09

How about this one? The Colts What the hell we took him because Jeff Saturday loves Sundays Evidently, the new head coach there for the Colts gets a big one there by running Jonathan Taylor like 35 times. And then when in this game 25 to 20 your raiders were cut or favored by four and a half there the over under a 40 and a half one over in this case. Coach Welcome to participating in scoring points to you went back to Matt Ryan not that he threw a great game yesterday but definitely a big improvement over Salinger and I don't even know if that guy's gonna see the field anymore again this year at least as a starting QB both of the ugly mugs they're on the Colts. Arizona Cardinals. Yeah, we had that to the Rams. Now this was interesting because both starting quarterbacks were questionable one were they hamstring and Stafford for the Rams had a concussion he didn't clear protocol soles, Wofford a Woolford versus Colt McCoy. And what a shoe that we had 27 to 17 Cooper cup got injured late in this game to keep an eye on that the Rams now follow the two and seven and fold dumpster mode. I think realistically they're still not out of it. But they got to get on like a seven game win streak. Try to try to make the playoffs here especially in the AFC East for really the five loss teams are all clumped together and they're going to start facing each other to weed each other out. But realistically, there's no life. There's no offensive line. There's no running game. Bye bye rams. You bought yourself a Super Bowl. Now down to the cellar. You go speaking down to the cellar.

Shane 21:41

Yeah, cowboys in the Packers. 14 point lead going into the fourth quarter. Okay, that's cool. Cowboys are 195 and zero in that situation ever since their inception, being up 14 points or more going into fourth quarter. And what do they do? They just have to run everything through Dak. They have to make him throw, they have to put it in his hands.

Shane 22:07

And then the defense well, they decided I guess the end of the third quarter they thought the game was over. They allow to bond three bombs really to Christian Watson. So as a rookie, he just said like world records. Might as well put him in the Hall of Fame already in the Packers Ring of Honor.

Shane 22:25

But when it counts, the most Dak just don't show up to win. That's the bottom line. Is he better than half the QBs in the league? Yeah, he's good. He's a Tony Romo type. Good numbers. When you look at the box score, a boy in the big time spotlight gains. I don't know what his record is, but it feels like it's Oh, and whatever.

Shane 22:43

So cowboys don't get any easier here until after this week, per se. They got to go to Minnesota. So that's a big man up game. We'll see what happens there. They won last year with Cooper rush in charge of a game up there in Minneapolis. But cowboys when you had a 14 point lead in the fourth you had to be feeling good then you well.

Shane 23:04

Here you go.

Shane 23:08

Good lord. On to next week, right guys?

Shane 23:13

Chargers, they lost San Francisco 49ers a 22 to 16 that should say 22 to 16. So they lost by six. San Francisco actually had a seven and a half point spread to cover so they did not do that there. Mark actually picked the Chargers he thought they might win out right. And they looked for most of the game like they were going to and then. I mean, it was pretty apparent. Without the starting wide receiving core in LA. Herbert tried his butt off. Just couldn't do it. Wasn't able to do it. And so they moved to five and four, same record as the San Francisco 49ers who I wouldn't start hanging championship bow or banners out on the bay yet it looked like you had your own issues at times, moving the ball with all those weapons you claim to have over there. Actually, Elijah Mitchell looked a lot better for some reason, then Christian McCaffrey this game, we'll see what happens in the weeks to come. I think that's more of an abnormality than a normal routine. But San Francisco.

Shane 24:12

I'm not sure your high powered offense is as such, just as yet. Now we still have a Monday night game to go here.

Shane 24:19

We'll go back there, but it's the Washington commanders are on the road here to the Philadelphia Eagles.

Shane 24:26

Right now, when we opened the lineup on Friday, and talked about this game, Philadelphia was a 10 and a half point favorite they're now 11 and a half point favorites. So a lot of money's still coming in on Philadelphia here and the over under which was 43 and a half actually shrank by a point which is interesting 42 and a half so what's this mean? Well, it means that a lot of people think Philadelphia is going to dump truck Washington could happen but they don't give credit for the point scored one Phillies gonna get out to a big lead and start running the ball and grinding out which they tend to do in the second half of games that they lead. And they don't give Washington much hope to score anything with Taylor. Hi, Nikki. So both of those things in play. Now I still liked the commander's with the 11 and a half, especially divisional games, even though this team is on the road tend to be a lot tighter than you would think they just play each other often. I know last game, those two played with Carson Wentz was the quarterback of Washington at the time Devonte Smith had himself one a whale of a game, and Philly boat race to an early lead, Washington tried to contain it from there and actually gave themselves a little bit of an opportunity in the second half and still ultimately fell to the Eagles. So I figure at home, they probably assume that they'll get out to a huge lead here, which could happen. But just in the NFL. In general, those double digit points spread sometimes they're just so difficult, and especially divisional games are so difficult that I'm going to still stick with the commander's I'm not gonna feel good about it kind of takes a little throw up in my mouth while I'm saying that I'm wearing this jersey, but realistically, I think the Eagles and ultimately win the game, but hopefully not by 11 and a half in this case, or 10 and a half when we picked it. And then last but not least the Thursday night football game coming up Tennessee's at Green Bay, so Green Bay don't have a whole lot of time to celebrate here, Tennessee, better run defense than the Cowboys by far better coach, in my opinion by far. And then from there, the better running backs I think are split between Derrick Henry and Aaron Jones. And I think the weapons on offense are pretty much even outside of the QBs which obviously I'll still take Aaron Rodgers every day instead of Ryan Tannehill. But in this case, green based three and a half and there's that hook again, over under 41 and a half. I think the game does go over, not by much. And I will take Tennessee plus that three and a half they can ultimately this is going to be a field goal game, either way, unrealistically green based chances saving their seasons still on the line here. They need wins they need to stack them and racking because they are not catching Minnesota for the division so now it's ultimately wildcard or bust so I know with that being said everybody's kind of probably wondering what's going on with the pick six right.

Shane 27:06

Let's get you our standings here.

Shane 27:10

Let's pop this thing up for you. Not just yet. Like I said this is a rookie call here.

Shane 27:17

Let's see here. Let's go with how about this. Bang. All right. Let's pull them up here. Who do we want to go first? Let's do Yeah, let's do the average Joe. This was Preston's pick six massacre here.

Shane 27:35

Actually, he did better than he did most weeks here. There is Preston he had Miami at minus three and a half they dumped trucked Cleveland so you got to point there the Bills losing in overtime so forget the favorite there he got zero Titans ended up being a point Kansas City his lock which was good got him two points there it covered by a half a point in that game cowboys looked good at the end it got a zero and the giants of course got him a point so I want all five points for Preston in there that was pretty pretty solid.

Shane 28:07

but let's see if it was good enough. I guess I'll out myself here because I thought I was looking good and then you know life happened and I did okay, but I got myself four points here Bills no the Bears. They had it going until the end and then they got flat out beat by Detroit I did not think that was going to happen Titans were my lock for the third straight week in a row. I won't be able to use them for a lock this upcoming Friday. So we'll see how that works. I don't know who has to pick paul but two points there. Got one point for Kansas City one point for the Steelers win an outright not just with the two and a half there and then of course the Cowboys let me down. I could have had a five point spread here. Instead I got zero there for a total of four points on that one. Alright, so let's go to the man of the hour here and let's see if he's going to be willing Mark you want to go over this.

Shane 29:01

Oh, hang on a second night. Can't wait till you watch this one. All right, here's here's Marks. All right, Mark how you feel about these picks? Oh, man. That's awesome.

Shane playing Mark 29:15

Yeah, I would imagine Tampa Bay you got by one. You had to feel good about that one first thing in the morning. I feel great. That was an excellent pick. Yeah, it was pretty good. All right, and then you had to tighten that one. So you stole off mine, which is a good move because I've been hitting my locks everyone. Yeah, like how you locks go, Shane? I listen to him very intently. And sometimes I'll just rip him off flat out. Yeah. Well, you should all right. And then you got Kansas City Chiefs plus or minus nine and a half so you got lucky on that won't be COVID There was no luck involved. Kansas City had that all day every day. Well, that was probably true Miami You got a point on too so that was good call a dump truck than Miami was a bet I should have made it my best bet of the day. Yeah, you should have but you didn't so that was just one point. Giants You got a point way way to pick them over those Titans. You pick them too. Yeah, you're right. I did.

Shane 30:02

I can't go oh and the Dallas Cowboys that was your lock at zero so you got five points on the day for Money Line mark and he saves the day speaking today's because Preston, you have to beat both of us to get the 50 you only beat one of us. So that's $25 Food comp. You already got your T shirt. Ties don't matter in this place it ain't college football. You have to beat us baby and that did not happen. So congratulations money line mark there. For his pick six and actually saving the Odds Brothers only OC has beat both of us so far. And that seemed like so long ago we told you about that we had to protect our jobs there. We had one more to show you here. The high risers Lucas was involved in he was from Miami. And he was a Buffalo Bills fan so he's probably not feeling good today. Let's see what Lucas had. Oh yeah, three points here. He only got Kansas City. The titans in the Colts right the Colts win and outright there that was a good call but he had bills as his lock because he had to is a family pressure thing and I get that saints end up getting dumped or not done took a beat flat out and Seattle got beat by three instead of that. Two and a half. So that had to hurt so Lucas, you got nada? No food comp for you. Just a t-shirt to my friend. so have at it. And then you probably go on hey, you're showing us all this. But what did the standings look like on the pic six liter Brova? I'll show you that because we have an updated standings from now. Oh, look at me. I'm still on top. Let's see.

Shane 30:02

Right there 37 and a half points mark at 32. The average Joe is at 27. And the high rises at 20. They are a week behind in the Picks. So we'll give them their average three points. You could say they're 23 right now. I wouldn't but you could. And that is your pick six and all your recap on the college and pro football action of the week, folks, so you know you have at it.

Shane 32:05

Yeah, and I think that's it with Mark being out of town. Hopefully he'll be back on El Friday right? Yes, he should be back on Friday as well as our average Joe and our high riser of the week as well. So we should have a full show for you and looking to do all of your picks our pick six and thanks for watching again today. So with that being said

Shane 32:29

let's get this baby going on behalf of Moneyline Mark this has been Point Spread Shane thanks for watching the odds brothers podcasts we'll come back remind you that we do recordings live every Monday and Friday here inside the Bentley sports book inside Southland Casino Hotel. If you wonder where that is. That's in West Memphis, Arkansas. We're right across the river from Memphis, Tennessee. So if you ever in the area, give our beautiful facility a look. Stay in our hotel, eat some great food down here in the sports book and watch all the games we got all kinds of big screen TVs and TVs everywhere. Betting kiosks retail mobile, we got it all if you want to bet on your sports. And of course, why not? You get to meet us all of our 10s and 10s of views. So with that being said, peace out and hopefully we'll see on the flip side too. Okay.