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July 8th, 2022

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The Odds Brothers Podcast | Episode 4

Moneyline Mark explains the basics on how to make a wager at the retail counter, the onsite self-bet kiosk and on the mobile app. Point Spread Shane tries to continue his undefeated streak of “best bets” while the duo gives out their $5 parlay five teamer of the weekend.


Welcome to the odds brothers Podcast coming to you from the Betly Sportbook inside the new Southland Casino and Hotel, follow the odds brothers podcast on Apple podcasts and Spotify. Today's show is presented by Betly online sports. Download the Betly Arkansas app today. From Southland.betly.com or on the Apple App Store. Here are your hosts. Point Spread Shane And Moneyline Mark. All right, everybody. Welcome to the odds brothers. season one episode four July 8 2022. Welcome everybody. How you doing Moneyline Mark doing great morning, evening. Afternoon. How are you? How you doing? Point Spread Shane? Hi, I'm doing fantabulous. Great. We love the new opening. That's awesome. Yeah, yeah. Every week we get some new stuff. I love it. It means we at least have two listeners out there. That's right. All right. Well, like we do every single week. We like to start with making sure that you if you're in Arkansas, or West Virginia or soon to come Tennessee, we here are familiar with the bet. Betly app. That's right. So since we're in Arkansas, why don't you tell us how you can get that Betly app. You can download the Betly Arkansas Sportsbook app today by going to southland.betly.com or your Android devices and the Apple store. Now when you go you want to make sure that you're downloading the Betly Arkansas. They we do have Betly apps in West Virginia. So you want to make sure you're getting unless you're living in West Virginia, then you want to go download the West Virginia app. Yes, we're in Arkansas, that's where we're, we're stationed right now. So you want to make sure you get the Arkansas app. You can also check out Betly on Facebook, and you can go to their website. That's great. And then say I'd like to sign up for the Betly app in Arkansas. Because you know, I kind of want to be mobile. I never know might be in the grocery store last second wanna throw some money down on the game? Any enticements? To have me come on over there and spend my money with Betly? Absolutely, we have a $200 risk free first bet. So you've heard your first timers out there as long as your geofence inside the state of Arkansas, or geofence inside the state of West Virginia, you can make up to a $250 risk free bet the minimum is $10. The odds must be minus 250 or greater. If you meet all the minimum requirements, you will unlock one free bet equal to the amount of your first wager up to $250. Okay. So, up to 250. As long as I don't dump it on a severe huge, you know, Alabama versus Troy State long shot, which I don't know why you would because you're not gonna get much in return anyway. If somehow you do not hit your first bet, we'll get you a free bet each free bet amount that you bet. That's right. So that sounds pretty cool. Yeah, speaking of bets, and I wouldn't call any of these risk free, all of them have some risk to them. We have a section on our show where we show you basically by telling you a story or two about what we call sweet treats and bad beats a sweet treat is when somebody turned a small amount of money, relatively speaking to the amount won anyway. So this could be well, I guess, in theory $1 $5 or $500. That's right. The last week one was pretty interesting. Wasn't it a $500? What was three? Three teamer sure we can say that I slept since then? Well, that. Yeah, that was the one that somebody bet the Avalanche to win a cup, the Rams to win the Super Bowl and the Warriors to win the NBA. It was like two-hundred and some $1,000. Right. Yep, you're right. So it's a big return on that one. Yeah. And we have a section of our show actually, where we give you our $5 parlay of the week where we try to turn $5 into at least 200 Well, of course, this was a little longer of a parlay here but somebody did better five team or $5 on an 18. parlay, and hit so why don't you tell us about That's right, a five $5.18 parlay here on the retail side at Southland. They bet the Las Vegas Aces which is the WNBA on money line. So that means they just had to win it. They just had to win it and it was at minus 170. So it sounds like they were favored. Los Angeles Sparks which is another WNBA team moneyline. And they were at plus 165 which means they were the underdog. Okay, and then they go into looks like some looks like baseball with baseball MLB if I can spit it out. We got the Phillies At least money line up plus 120 Marlins money line at plus 115. Rangers run line a plus one and a half. At minus 120 The Diamondbacks money line even money. The Oakland Athletics money line at plus 160 in the White Sox moneyline at plus 125. So $5 on those eight combinations, they all came in, and not all of them were just dead favorites. Now you heard a million plus 165 plus 120 plus 115 in there and plus 160 and another one plus 25. So there's quite a few what we would consider underdogs in there. That's right. That's right little smorgasbord of everything. So just guessing because I was so horrible last week, on figuring out how $500 on those three turned in. You're probably what 1000 You're close. Close. You're halfway. I'm halfway there halfway through 2000. Pretty close. That's close enough. $2,135. Now that's crazy. Yeah, show him the money. Now, Texas came out on that we were talking a little earlier about what triggers, you know, taxable pays. And it is a little confusing, but it is a government operation. So I guess you can say that that comes along with that baggage. But when can somebody expect to either be asked if they want taxes taken out and then they are no longer asked and they are going to get them taken out? At 300 to one so for every $1 You bet. And 300 times that is when taxes are going to come out here in Arkansas. So in that sweet treat the $5. If we did 300 times five, it would have been 1500 or more if the payout happened then it triggers taxes. Absolutely. Right. Yeah. Okay. You're right now was just state taxes or is that fed to that's that's fed? Okay, that's fed. I'm sure. I'm sure Arkansas got their piece too. Yes. They weren't showing their money. That's why they want their money. All right. So congratulations. That was that local here. That was local. Yep. That was local retail here at Southland. Yeah, awesome. Five dollars turns into 2000 plus, congratulations. Now on the opposite side, we have a thing called the bad beat. Bad beat is you are oh so close. You are within a one team to cover or whatever win outright? And something happened right at the end or it was a close game. You just you lost this one kind of got me because you know, when you came up with this bad beats idea, this is what you were thinking about what would qualify for a bad beat? And this has it written all over. I mean, this is your definition to a tee. It is storytime. All right. So we have a guest locally that bet $20 on a 10 team parlay went all out going out 10 team. The ticket has a potential payout of $14,000. Wow. So you know, they're making this at the kiosk and they're thinking man, I'm going to get rich so 7000 to one basically. Yeah, it's a it's a it's a long shot. So you bet bet a 10 team parlay he hit nine of 10. This was on the 1st these games were baseball games on the 1st. One game lost is the Baltimore Orioles. moneyline against the Twins. Now a little bit about that game itself. The Orioles were winning two to one against the twins going into the ninth inning. In the ninth inning, they had a runner on first. Buxton hit a home run to give the Twins a two to three win. Walk off style, walk off style home run dinger. Oh, no, that's right. So you were a half an inning away. Yes. From cashing out for $14,000. Right? And not only do they come back and beat you, they jack it over the fence and walk it off in your face. That's right. I could not imagine if you're sitting there. I don't even know if this person that betted has like the MLB package or they were might have been here watching. I don't know that. And then if you could see a surveillance camera view of just the anxiety where they're up in their eyeballs or as big as their forehead and then all of a sudden that ball goes over the fence. There's a good, there's a good chance but with only half an inning left. I'm standing I'm standing at the counter waiting to catch my ticket. Oh, you got I mean, I don't know if there are two outs when that happened or not. But it was just it was crazy to sit there and know. You're a half an inning away from 14,000 for just 20 Yeah, no, no, that's there were no outs at the time. But that was the essential, essential bad beat that was well, that was probably the best tale of a bad beat that we've had so far during the episode. So that's exactly the epitome if you will of a bad beat. That's a fancy word that is a fancy word. Maybe after our next segment we'll actually do fancy word of the week, let everybody know what it stands for. Be a wise guy be a sports wise guy. This is the educational portion of our show. Basically, mentor beginning players right now, and what terminology means or how to do things in relation to make any sports bet. And this week, money like Mark would like to teach you guys how to make a bet over both the mobile app, and then at the retail location, because I know probably some of the angina. Another big word. Yeah, about making a bet is that you don't know what to say or how to say it. And so it gets people kind of freaked out when they come up nervous. Yeah. Or if you go to a kiosk, it's going to be pretty similar to the mobile I would imagine, right? Yeah, absolutely. If you do a self service kiosk on property, the how to make it mobile will be pretty dang close or familiar, right? Yeah, absolutely. All right. So I come in, I don't know when I'm doing, let's take retail first, because that's probably what most people are familiar with over the years, whether it be in Vegas, before all these mobile apps came out, I want to make a bet at the retail What do I need to know? And how do I do it? All right, so we'll start with the retail. So when you come into whatever sports book, you're going to hopefully the Southland or one of the West Virginia properties, you go in there and you make your bet, what you want to do before you go up to that window, you want to make sure you have Ideally, your game number, every game has a game number. So if you're going to go up today and bet the Twins, you want to make sure you have those game numbers makes things a lot easier at the window. They know what your what your team, you're wanting to bet. If you don't, they can work through it, you know, just given the team name. And they can work through it, you know, but there's a line, it's quicker to get in and out. So you make your you get your team number ready to go, then you want to know what you want to bet you want to know if you want to bet a parlay straight bet money line points spread over under what you want to do all your bets put together. You want to be on a piece of paper, your own piece of paper, you brought them home, those those game numbers are universal as well. So what's 973 here's gonna be 973 across the country. So how do you know where can you find game numbers? So you can find game numbers here at Southland you can find them on the sports sheets that are printed or up on the odds boards. Okay, and sure, you can see him on the odds boards at the West Virginia property, although we haven't been there yet. Yeah, that's where the tour bus comes in. Because we're getting that tour bus. Come on, Kyle we kind of got work in mind now we got that tour bus coming. Nick, work on that. But once once you get your bet numbers, you can get them there. You can also go online and look at any any like Vegas numbers. That's where you can find them. Go on a website, Google that you can find them for that day. But you want to have those ready, but if you don't, it's no big deal. They can still work with you there. Know the amount you want to bet as well. So the numbers are more to prevent, like just somebody let's say for instance, there's two LA teams and football now. So if you say I want Los Angeles to win, is that the Rams? Or is that the Chargers these days? Right, right? Same thing NBA? I mean, you get a LA Clippers and LA Lakers. Yeah. And it could be an MLB. You could say I want the Sox to win. White Sox, Red Sox? Oh, and also those numbers I would imagine would come in handy, since you mentioned baseball on days where there's doubleheaders because there'll be a different number for the teams both for game one and game two. Right? Absolutely. Yeah, that's key there too. You know, and then if you want to bet like first half bets, in football, there'll be a different number just for that. So you know you're getting the right bet. Of course you want to check your ticket before you leave the window. That's key. Make sure. How do I do that? Since I don't have a ticket in my hand usually at that point when when you get up to the window you make your bet. Follow all those guidelines that to give you all those little wise guys snaps I gave you go up, make your bet before the agent is going to ask, is this what you want? Because there's a monitor facing you. If everything looks good, dollar amount your win amount? And if it's good, you're golden. But you want to check that ticket and make sure it matches what you had on that screen. Okay, that seems pretty simple enough, I guess. And then, of course, you want to before you leave the window, just double check that ticket, right? Absolutely. And if something looks amiss, or it's not what you meant, here, we have a pretty much a policy about the cancellations of tickets. So why don't you do that real quick, because that will differ obviously, from the app. Okay, so when you're talkin' cancellation to mean if the game is postponed or you're like oh, this I'll just say What's wrong meant right? Yeah. So you have the tickets wrong or it comes out different odds or whatever you want to make sure you get a hold let that agent know right away. That agent will let the supervisor know and then they'll take it from there and we'll get your ticket corrected. Right so if the games started usually you're Sol right that's right. You have the game started Yeah, if you're doing in gameplay you you know, unfortunately, you're gonna get whatever comes out at that time, you know, Yeah, cuz the odds are constantly moving usually short of a commercial break, obviously in some games, but yeah, yeah, that's and that's the thing too, if you're betting in game play at the window, keep in mind when it comes football season, those weren't those games will lock. Anytime a team is in the red zone. something's gonna happen. Yes. And now comps gonna happen. So they're gonna lock that until that outcome happens, whatever that outcome is, doesn't necessarily have to be a score. It could be a turnover, it could be a loss of bounds. And the availability of live games and the ability to bet in game as we call it are, well, they're not a foregone conclusion. Not every single game is going to have that ability. Right, right. That's right. Because usually, obviously, there's technical, technological issues that can occur with the feed that might restrict in game betting, or just flat out, not make it available for the day, things like that. That's right. Yeah. So if you just have any question like, hey, this game is going on right now. Am I able to bet it in game you can ask one of our folks and we can show you or tell you, right? Yeah, yeah, that's eligible for endgame. That's right. All right. Yeah. They'll they'll be more than happy to answer any questions you got at the windows. Good deal. Now I'm a mobile app guy, mobile time, or I guess, kiosk guy. I'm anywhere but your window. Yes, well, I got mobile and kiosk gonna be very similar. Very similar, the looks may be a little bit different from your handheld device, or your computer as compared to a kiosk. But it's still the same similarities. You log in on the kiosk, you won't log in, of course, you'll just deposit money. But on a mobile, you log in making - pick what bets you want hit betslip at the bottom, on the mobile device. When you make a bet at the kiosk, once you deposit your money into the machine, the ticket will be in the center column. So as you're making the bet, you're gonna actually see your ticket fill what your potential odds are, as you're putting those teams together. Same with the betslip, you can see your potential odds, then when you're ready to make that bet, hit your betslip on that mobile app, it'll ask you to put $1 amount in. Obviously, if you haven't fed your account with money, you need to do that before you go any further than that, because it's not gonna let you put any money in there. On the kiosk, it's ready to go, you just hit Done, it's going to confirm you hit Confirm ticket comes out on the kiosk. Once you hit bet, and you have the money in there on your mobile app, your bet is ready to go. And you can go back and look to see what bets are out that you still have open and what bet you've had in the past, win or loss. So let's say you screw up on the kiosk accidentally fat finger to a team, or something was amiss somehow with that, can you take that ticket to the retail and have them check it out? potentially even cancel it? Every property will vary. Here, we do allow a short period of time for you to be able to go back up there and get that ticket corrected. But we haven't started right if either the games haven't started, but we will not give a refund. We will correct the error. Okay. So that's a that's a sometimes that people just want their money and we we will not refund we'll correct the error. Made a bet. Yeah. So we'll correct your bet. But it has to be a bet. Yep. Has to be a bet. Alright. And then the mobile app, because you do get promotions from time to time, which we're about to speak of the latest ones, but within the betslip, if you're going to apply a boost of some type or whatever, usually there's a checkmark box or you make sure near the bottom at your betslip that it shows you got a like coming soon. And odds brothers boost whether whether that be plus 35% on the profit line, or whatever the boost may be, you'll get this opportunity at that point in the mobile app to apply that promotion, if you will. Yeah, it's like a gift. I think that's what it says on the mobile app is good gift. Yeah, yeah. But you do have to click that checkbox. All right, in order to use in order to use it. Yep. All right. Yeah. Good. Good deal. Yep. Now the good thing about both sides now retail come back in you have to obviously cash ticket, you get straight cash homie in your hand. Yeah. And if you're the person that made the sweet treat this week. For that $5 You get over two grand, that's pretty nice. Yeah, mobile app automatically cashes and then the tickets that come out of the kiosk. There's no self redemption kiosk right now for that. So you would have to take kiosk tickets to the retail windows as well, right? Yeah, that's coming down the road. But this is not here yet. Okay. I do believe the West Virginia properties do have that? Well, to check on that, you know, when our tour bus makes a stop, that's right. We'll catch our winnings at the kiosk. That's right. We'll see if they work. Speaking of those promotions, or the gifts this week, what kind of promotions can you find on the Betly mobile app. So this week, they're running a Wimbledon bet 30 and get 15 back parlay or straight ticket. So what that means is you can bet $30 Whether you win or lose, you're gonna get $15 back. And you can do that per day. It starts Friday, today, Saturday and Sunday, but you can only do one of those a day. Your odds have to be minus 250 or greater. But that you can see all the promotion of promotions on that on the app for full details and qualifications. And that's, that's a pretty man. I don't really know anything about tennis. I don't neither but one on one. It should be pretty easy to pick a side I guess. Yeah, if you want. The interesting thing about that, if I'm understanding your promotion right is the no matter what $30 Win or lose, you're gonna get half of it back. That's right, win or lose. Okay, then you could do that every day. It's only once a day. It's not tied to you having to lose. Nope. To get it. No, you will get it either way. Either way. Cool. Yeah, it's not a bad little bet. No. I just wish I knew more about tennis. Djokovic, there we go. Oh, that's the two things I know about tennis right now. And I'm not even sure I could put it as the best bet. You know, you would. But I'm not sure the odds would be 250 or greater on either one of those guys today. Right. All right. Well, good deal. That's your Betly promotion on the mobile app of the week. Now, I know you had a couple of things we want to tease here. First thing is, we've been waiting for it. And it's coming. It's coming faster than we think. Although it seems like forever. But NFL preseason starts the week of August 11, which is 34 days away. Although we do have a Hall of Fame Game coming up in early August the 4th to be exact. We are going to go next week. And actually do some futures talk on the teams in the NFL. Oh, the over under on team wins and who we think ultimately, if you're going to take a team or two to reach the Super Bowl at the current odds, who would we take? That'll be next week's kind of discussion point. Not necessarily your bet of the week or in the $5 parlay any of that stuff just to do we like in the NFL this upcoming season as of the middle of July. Well, we can go back later on and see who either how bad or agnostic we were. Oh, wow. And then you made a mention about a baseball game last week. That's right. Did you catch the Cincinnati Reds game on Tuesday July 5th? I did not for shame why wouldn't encourage you to watch the Reds but you know if you wanted to just watch the beginning on the on the throw out the first pitch okay. We had the top ranked Disc Golf of the world disc golfer the world Ricky Wysocki throughout the first pitch it was a something that he's always dreamt about and his agent made that happen for him real that's pretty incredible. Yeah. So did he throw backhand or no, he threw? He threw it good. The person trying to catch it couldn't catch anything. So you know. Right, right, right off his glove. But he threw he didn't throw it into the dirt. Now he didn't step on the mound. He was in front of the mound. Oh, of course. I don't know if they maybe they don't allow that. I don't know. Maybe it's too far. They don't want you messing up the mound before the actual pitcher that makes 35 million or whatever. Yeah, a year to get up there that says dirt. Yeah, that was pretty neat. That was really that was really cool to see. Congratulations to Ricky Wysocki and be able to to make that dream happen? Well, now I know why you asked if anybody saw that because I know you're a real big into Disc Golf. So very big sense. Now it's time for a $5 parlay OF THE WEEK rules of the game here. $5. We got to spend and five teams we have to put together we have to at least make the outcome a winner of $200 or more so no cheap. Like LA Dodgers, Astros Yankees, all the favorites to win. So 5 gets ya 18 Anything like that? Last week? I think we did better but we didn't hit right. That's right. I caught you. So Oh, boy. Yeah. We're still have won. No tickets yet? Either. One $5. Yes. Okay. So for a total of the three weeks or four weeks? Well, this is our fourth four. So three weeks resulted. We are six and 50. These parlays are no joke, folks. That's why they pay so much. All right. We did do better on the best bet of the week, though. Right. And that's right. We did. Well, I finally got on the board. That's all yes. All right. So we'll do that after our $5 parlay. Okay, cuz that's a much better story. For you. Wow. Well, you hit it last week, right? Yeah. So we both hit it last week. If people were listening, our best shot we came through. They could have took those 1000s of dollars and end on a high note. I say now. Okay. Especially going into a weekend. All right. $5 parlay, what do you have their money on mark for this week? No, you want me to start it off? All right, well, my $5 parlay. I took a lot of long shots here to make this happen. But I've got the Mets run line at minus one and a half. And they are sitting at plus 135 Yankees run line at minus one and a half at plus 105. You know, I would have loved to do all these on money line. But the odds just weren't there for me to get past that 200 mark. Then I did the Twins at minus one and a half and there plus 145. And then I did the Astros minus one and a half run line at minus 115. And then I did the Dodgers run line at minus one and a half at plus 100. Now my $5 gives me a potential winnings of $220. $220. That's right. So you got barely qualified, hey, yeah, well, I had to put all those run lines in otherwise it wouldn't have I know I had to go back actually changed a couple of teams out because I was having a hard time getting there. But I did all baseball all the games are today, which is Friday, but they don't start till this evening so you have plenty of time hopefully. If you're just waiting on the edge of your seat for the latest odds brothers podcast to come out. Maybe they want to go there. Maybe they want to go in opposite direction. Or maybe opposite. All right, I got the Dodgers tonight run line minus one and a half against the Cubs. That's minus 105. Cubs didn't beat the Dodgers last night although it was a lot closer game than I gave you credit for. I don't think it'll happen again. Tonight. St. Louis Cardinals at home against the Phillies Phillies have been playing better. Cardinals haven't really been playing that great, but they are at home. I'm going to take the money line on the Cardinals meaning they just have to win for plus 105 Astros against the Oakland Athletics. They're on the road to the West Coast, minus one and a half. That's at odds of minus 110. So that's not the biggest thing in the world. Now the Red Sox Yankees one of the best rivalries in MLB. Sox lost by a run last night believe it was six to five, their money line to win night which I'm hoping they do because I took them is plus 135. So they're at home they just barely lost last night. Hopefully they can get over and then even it up tonight. And then the Mets talking about good baseball. They got Marlins coming to their home of doom, whatever you want to call it. Plus 135 If I give up a run and a half, so they got to win by two. Yeah, so Dodgers run line minus one and a half St. Carter St. Louis money line, the Astros run line, which is minus one and a half Boston money line. And the Mets run line minus one and a half all those together odds of 4120 which gets you $210.83 Back Ooza just squeaking over tax free. Just squeaking over I like it that is definitely not odds are 300 or more right now. Right about that best bet of the week time. So since we started doing it, I guess episode two. I guess I have not failed to hit that mark. Yeah, you're keeping 100% 100%. So it's two, 2 of 2. I'm not going to tell you I'm going 100% all year. I hope I do like the way that's trending. Um, one for two. So I did finally get on the board last week. All right. I believe I had the over under on the Cubs last week. If I remember, right, it was eight and a half. And they scored like 11 with with the Cubs doing most of the damage, which was crazy, because I would have figured the other way around. I think it was the Cubs last week I got Red Sox over eight and a half was what I wrote down. Yeah. Cubs in Red Sox. Anyone? Yeah. So that was that was a good one. What do you do you have a best bet for this week? Well, of course I do. Now don't go running to the window? Yeah, don't go running. Alright. So this week, I took the Twins money line. I couldn't put it I would have put it on my $5 pick. But that's not enough odds for me to get to that $200 potential winning. So that's why I couldn't put it there. I had to do the Run line for my $5 pick. But I did the twins money line on that bit. Twins when the odds on that one are? No, I don't know what they currently are. And let's take a look. Let's go ahead and open up the app and see what would they currently are since were hot and live right now. No. No, if I can figure out how to get up. There we go. Go login. Oh boy. I know while you're doing that. Yes. I'll give you my best bet. All right, tell us what it is. Which I was shocked. They didn't do it last night. So hopefully that means they're due tonight. But I like the Dodgers minus one and a half to take the Run line. It's minus 105. Usually, you get minus 110 In those situations, a lot of times so take the run. I think they're gonna win by probably three, maybe four runs tonight. So that should easily clear the one and a half Mendoza line so almost even money to do that. That's pointspread Shane's almost near certain but not quite lock of the week. Yes, right. Now going back to the twins are minus 125 moneyline. Oh, that's better the week. Way to go big favorite. I know it. Well. That was like last week. Just to get on the board. I had to take those stallions. Hey, money's money. Yeah. And by the way, what happened there? Oh they won, but not as much as you thought. not wise enough. It wasn't enough. It wasn't it wasn;t enough. Yep. All right. Well, what do you got going? Anything else happening? No, nothing else. Nothing that I can think of. We have a lot of things on the horizon. Once we get into the football season. It sounds like so a lot of good times are coming. Yeah, come out because we're gonna change our pick five game to something called the pick six, which is going to be the pros. Me us. That's the average Joe's also going to get our oddsmakers involved. Yes, straight out of Miami. We tentatively have this build as the hillbillies versus the high risers. I don't know if that's going to be the final. That's how we do it. But those guys get to see all the movement behind the scenes. We're going to talk to them get educated a little bit and see if they know what the data behind the scenes can pick better than the guys that are just staring at the screens. Oh, that's awesome. How about that? Lots of fun, lots of fun. All right, that'll be coming in August. So we'll get more details as we come close. If you'd like to participate as an average Joe, we might select you. Hopefully you get a t shirt just for participating in a food and beverage comp. Basically, if you can beat us if you can beat us, that's for any given week picking six NFL games.

Alright until then, until next Friday I guess it would be. You have been listening to the Odds Brothers, we'd like to thank you for listening. It's presented by the Betly Sportsbook. Place your bets here from inside the Southland Casino or from anywhere in Arkansas at Southland.betly.com. You can follow the Odds Brothers Podcast on Apple, Spotify, soon to come Google, and Amazon is brand new. Keep in mind you must be 21 or older and located in Arkansas to bet on that Arkansas app. Play responsibly. If you got problems, for help quitting call 800-522-4700. Tell the folks bye, Marcellus. Keep cool in the neighborhood. That's right. We'll check ya on the flip side.